First Divorce, Then Monsters? (打怪前先離婚?)

Participated in the “Taiwan's Future Island Exhibition at Comic-Con International: San Diego”
Catch: As a superhero's wife, it's only common to be kidnapped once or twice…Yeah, right! I wanna divorce you!!

Sub-Catch: It's first aliens, and then illegitimate daughter (?) The newlyweds' life is nothing but turbulent!! Can Hsing-chen successfully divorce her husband!?


Alien invasion of Taiwan!!! Because her husband, Shih-Yu, is the superhero and savior of Taiwan, Hsing-Chenis constantly kidnapped by aliens! She not only cannot attend gatherings, or even go shopping, she is facing a big crisis in her marriage too…!? She has had enough!! At this time, an upper class mate in senior high school shows up, and confesses his long-time feeling for her! What exactly does he want----?

Role profile

  • Jiang Hsing-chen

    Jiang Hsing-chen

    Naïve and trusts people easily. An open book with all her feelings written on her face, and a bit spoiled. Does not want to live a mundane life and work, and wants to save some money to travel the world. Not good with children.

  • Jiang Shih-Yu

    Jiang Shih-Yu

    Bad at socializing, and never says the right thing in the right place. A boring person. A loner in senior high school. His dream is to have a warm and ordinary family.

About the Author


Winner of the Third Prize of the 2020 TAICCA Original Comic and Script Competition, Aniyong is known for her thought-provoking and intriguing stories and unique characters; often incorporating social issues in her stories, Aniyong allows readers to gain understanding on deeper meanings through her creative works.