CliniClowns: last goodbye (小丑醫生)

Comics/ Ko You-Shi (Cory)
Original story/ Feng Hsih
Mirror Fiction
The 15th Japan International Comics Awards: Outstanding Comics Prize
"A clown's red nose, shining through darkness and pain, exists to put a smile on everyone's face."


Due to her fear of death in hospitals, Hsiao Han, a 17-year-old highschooler, misses the chance to say goodbye to her little sister.

Her guilt prompts her to wander around in the hospital corridors, until she meets a clown doctor with a red nose. After that, Hsiao Han seems to find a way to make amends -- she wants to become a clown doctor and bring laughter to more ailing children.

However, she is overwhelmed by all the death and parting in the hospital, and stressed from the process of becoming a clown doctor. Can Hsiao Han successfully complete her training?

Role profile

  • Female protagonist: Chen Hsiao Han --

    Female protagonist: Chen Hsiao Han --

    a 17-year-old highschooler. She is responsible and calm, a straight A student, and has high expectations of herself. She wants to be a good sister and a good daughter. Because her little sister is born with a heart disease, she works hard to never cause any trouble, nor give her parents reasons to worry about her schoolwork.

  • Male protagonist: Li Yu Kuang

    Male protagonist: Li Yu Kuang

    A college senior majoring in drama. He is bright and cheerful, and constantly encourages Hsiao Han during their clown doctor training.

About the Author

Comics/ Ko You-Shi (Cory)
Original story/ Feng Hsih

Script: Feng Hsih
Currently a full-time writer/playwright, she has an MA in creative writing from NDHU. Her work ingeniously combines romance, fantasy, and horror. Representative work includes Exclusive Treatment, Face Tumour, Shards of Her, and You Have to Kill Me (on Disney+).

Arts: Ko You-Shi (Cory)
A famous comics artist in Taiwan. She has won many awards since her debut, including Taiwan's Golden Comics Awards: Best Shojo Manga, China's Golden Dragon Awards, and the 5th Japan's Cartoon Grand Prize's silver award for Lovely Everywhere and Make A Wish! Tai Hsi. Her work Why Not also won the Golden Comics Awards in the Shojo Manga catagory in 2016 and 2018.

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