Why Not? (有何不可)

Ko You-Shi (Cory)
Sharp Point Publishing
Best Comic for Teenage Girls at Golden Comic Awards in 2016 and 2018
Interwoven with friendship, familial and romantic love, this one-sided love story lets us cry and grow with the characters.


Cheng-hsin and Yen-cheng are good buddies though they have completely different personalities. Yen-ni is Yen-cheng's beloved little sister, and Cheng-hsin treats her like his own sister too. But the good times they share have to end when Cheng-hsin moves away suddenly in his second year of high school. The brother and sister hardly hear from Cheng-hsin until ten years later, when Yen-ni becomes a freshman at university and Cheng-hsin's new neighbor by accident. Yen-ni finds out that the gentle Cheng-hsin has a heartbreaking secret which makes her want to be his guardian angel...

Role profile

  • Lan Cheng-hsin

    Lan Cheng-hsin

    A Pisces who is easy-going, nice to everyone, and never seems down. Only Wang Yen-cheng and his family know about his problems at home.

  • Wang Yen-ni

    Wang Yen-ni

    A cheerful Sagittarius who has many friends but has never been in a romantic relationship. After accidentally finding out about Cheng-hsin's secret, she decides to be his guardian angel and, eventually, falls in love with him.

  • Wang Yen-cheng

    Wang Yen-cheng

    A Capricorn who is calm and collected, kind and ​​considerate. But he lacks self-confidence and tends to overthink things. He can seem a little square and serious, but it's because he only shows his true self to those he trusts.

About the Author

Ko You-Shi (Cory)

Cory Ko became well-known in 2008 for her four-panel comic column “Cory Paints Cory” serialized in MonMon, a monthly comic magazine for adolescent girls. In January 2009, she began serializing a high school love story titled Lovely Everywhere. Her light and refreshing drawing style and excellent storytelling captured the hearts of readers and made her the winner of Best Comic for Teenage Girls at Taiwanʼs Golden Comic Awards in 2011. For her 2011 work, Make a Wish! Da Xi, she was awarded Best Comic for Teenage Girls at China's OACC Golden Dragon Award 2011 and a Silver Award at Japan's ​​International Comic Award in February 2012. In August 2012, she garnered Best Comic for Teenage Girls and Comic of the Year at the 3rd Golden Comic Awards. In September 2013, she won the two awards again at the 4th Golden Comic Awards. She was nominated for another Best Comic for Teenage Girls at Golden Comic Awards in 2014 and won in 2015.

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