Guide to the Underworld (引路人)

Comics/ Lo Pao (羅寶) Original story/ Sang Yuan(桑原)
Repeat winner of LINE Webtoon's Annual Best Story Award
Adapted as the mobile game Gang Start in 2022
TV adaptation currently in production / Comics rating: 9.91/10
Cumulative subscriptions: 219k+ / Cumulative views: 37M+
A story of gods and daemons in modern Taiwan.


After dying in an accident, our protagonist finds himself in a completely modernized underworld. By chance, he begins training to become a guide to the underworld, under apprenticeship to the Seventh and Eighth Lords of the Underworld. On this journey, he will learn about the joys and sorrows of the gods, daemons, and folks of all backgrounds in Taiwan.

Role profile

  • Chou


    An apprentice guide to the underworld at the City God Office of Taipei with average aptitude, a mellow personality, and a warm, empathetic heart. His ability of "Mind Communication" allows him to read other people's minds.

  • The Seventh Lord

    The Seventh Lord

    A guide to the underworld at the City God Office of Taipei City who is arrogant and cynical, and always has on a poker face. His powers are immeasurable. He has little compassion or patience for people, but surprising affection for animals. He hates rules and regulations of all kinds.

  • Wang Ye Jr.

    Wang Ye Jr.

    The secondary main character and an apprentice guide at Datian Temple in Tainan. The autism which he was born with, coupled with certain life events, resulted in the loss of his ability to feel emotions. He is extremely talented and infamous in the spirit world for seriously wounding an official guide.

  • Wu Wang Ye

    Wu Wang Ye

    A guide to the underworld at Datian Temple in Tainan. He is the third son of Nan Kun Shen Wufu Chiensui, and responsible for the care of Wang Ye Jr. A clever political operator, he is a highly intelligent but morally grey character.

About the Author

Comics/ Lo Pao (羅寶) Original story/ Sang Yuan(桑原)

Lo Pao: An artist who takes simple pleasure in making comics. Shortlisted for the Tong Li Short Comics Awards with his work Job-seeking Superman. Another work, MagicSeven, was awarded second place in the Longform Section of the First Line Webtoon Original Comics Awards.

Sang Yuan: A comics scriptwriter who works at an ad firm. She compulsively views the world through unique perspectives and observations. Known for works including Guides to the Underworld and Never End.

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