Happiless (幸別)

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How to heal a broken soul? In fact, all actions are futile, because the soul has already healed itself.


An anthology of short stories, in three seasons, about a mysterious organization that conducts soul exchange trials. The research participants are each prompted to come to face with their personal issues.

Season one tells the story of Chou Hsin, a woman who suffers from mental distress due to a sex tape released by a vengeful ex-boyfriend. Her psychiatrist encourages her to take part in a soul exchange trial. She and her partner in the experiment, Kuan Chen Shao, learn each other's secrets, and help each other heal their broken souls.

In season two, the heroine Fang Hsiao Chu is plagued by her weight. She offers a big cash award to anyone willing to help her lose weight by participating in a soul exchange trial. Chang Hsing Hung, a personal trainer in need of money, willingly signs up. Once the experiment begins, however, they realize that rather than her weight, Hsiao Chu's mental health is a much more serious problem.

In the third season, Lin Pao Yin is a young woman left in a coma after a traffic accident. Her mother, her sole caretaker and breadwinner of the family, feels physically and mentally exhausted from caring for Pao Yin, and participates in a soul exchange trial on the doctor's advice. When Pao Ying wakes up in her mother's body, she has to make a choice. Can she find her answer? This final season also reveals the secret origin of the organization, as well as the stories of the doctor and staff, and their decisions about the future.

Role profile

  • Chou Hsin

    Chou Hsin

    The female protagonist of season one. When an ex-boyfriend makes their sex tape public, she suffers a mental meltdown and seeks psychiatric help. She had originally planned to take revenge by occupying a strong body, but due to her poor mental health, failed multiple times. In the end, with the help of Kuan Chen Shao, her soul exchange partner, she redeems her own body and soul.

  • Kuan Chen Shao

    Kuan Chen Shao

    The male protagonist of season one. He has lived with survivor's guilt since witnessing his twin brother's death as a kid. He seeks psychiatric help because he often sees the ghost of his younger brother.

  • The psychiatrist

    The psychiatrist

    Psychotherapy is just a front for the recruitment of research subjects for his soul exchange trials. His ultimate goal is to help his investors attain immortal life through soul exchange.

About the Author


Born in 1994. After college, she devoted herself to creating comics. Her stories incorporate elements from ordinary life.

She has been publishing comics on LINE WEBTOON since 2017. Her work includes I Love Jessica and the art for Possible Criminal, written by Hsieh Tung Lin. Her lastest work is Happiless, and her favorite artists are Monet and Klimt.

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