PATAAUW (北投女巫)

Chien Shih-Chieh
Adaptation rights acquired by Netflix. / Comics rating -- Pataauw: 9.8/10
Pataauw 2: Charm Magic: 9.8/10. / Cumulative views -- Pataauw: over 7.54M
Pataauw 2: Charm Magic: over 8M
The suspenseful and darkly humorous cat-and-mouse game between a group of cosmopolitan witches, living secretly in Beitou, and a top secret hunting unit.


Beitou, Taipei is a sulfurous land named after the Pingpu word for "witch" (pataauw). There, the perpetual mist and clouds hide various unknown histories. Our story begins with eight women from a sorceror clan who are hunted by a classified military unit known as "White Company." To carry on with their successful careers and glamourous urban lifestyles, they must evade their enemy and find the traitor among them. When the Witch of Plants is assassinated, the women begin to suspect that someone has revealed their identities, but the mutual suspicion only leads each of them to danger. On the other side of town, we are introduced to the White Company, a top secret group of buffed male assassins who have been trained to hunt witches. The situation develops unpredictably when, on a mission, the main assassin spends too much time with the Witch of Tragedy and begins to have feelings for her.

Role profile

  • The Witch of Tragedy, Chang Chia-Yu:

    The Witch of Tragedy, Chang Chia-Yu:

    An office worker who is overwhelmed and burnt out by her high stress job. She is forever miserable from the latest bad date and wields the "Tragedy Spell," which allows her to transmit any pain she has ever experienced onto others. She unknowingly begins an office romance with a White Company witch hunter.

  • The Witch of Seduction, Chung Hsiao-Man

    The Witch of Seduction, Chung Hsiao-Man

    An extemely confident actress who lives a delightful life. By wielding the "Charm Spell," she captures people's hearts. She is the archenemy of the Witch of Tragedy.

  • The Witch of Plants, Liang Yen-Tzu

    The Witch of Plants, Liang Yen-Tzu

    The witch who is assassinated at the start of the story. She can control the growth of all plants.

  • The Witch of Dreams, Hsieh Lin-Lin

    The Witch of Dreams, Hsieh Lin-Lin

    Using her dreams, she is able to predict the future. However, her premonitions are always ignored by the other witches.

  • Yang Meng-Ta

    Yang Meng-Ta

    A third-generation witch hunter and leader of the White Company. To investigate the witches, he approaches Chang Chia-Yu, yet the draw of tragedy leads him to develop romantic feelings for her.

  • Fang Chih-Hsing

    Fang Chih-Hsing

    A ranked officer of the White Company with many secrets. He designs tricks and traps to turn the witches against each other.

About the Author

Chien Shih-Chieh

His work includes Pataauw, Pataauw 2: Charm Magic, and Jade Key. In his comics, he combines the emotional life of contemporary urban Taiwan with fantasy, action, and history. His stories draw from diverse materials such as the Pingpu legends of pataauw in Beitou, the secret history of the White Company, archeological history in Taiwan, the migration of cultural artifacts, etc. He is keen to uncover high fashion fantasy themes from within the Taiwanese cultural heritage.

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