3D Boy's Love Strategy (3次元男子戀愛攻略)

Comic/Hui Ye Dou (灰野都) Writer/apricotpeach (小杏桃)
Sharp Point Publishing
Taking over the top spot of the Monmon Monthly immediately after release
Who needs stinky boys in real life when you have a 2D boyfriend? Unbelievably, the chosen one in a love mobile game is a real person, and he is someone I know?


Ringo founded Love Mobile Game Club for a mobile game, “Military School of Beautiful Boys.” In addition to close friend Pai Shu-yen, three more members, Yin Hsuan, Chiang Hsiang-che, and Wang Tzu-han, also joined the club. Later, they find out that Yin Hsuan's older sister is the game producer, and all the characters are based on people in real life, such as Yin Hsuan! Since then, the love mobile game club members become the exclusive assistants of “Military School of Beautiful Boys.”

In preparation of the club achievement presentation, the members begin to interact more frequently. Pai Shu-yen confesses to Chiang Hsiang-che, but he rejects her; however, she also discovers that Chiang Hsiang-chelikes Yin Hsuan'solder sister, whose eyes are locked on Chiang'solder brother, Chiang Hsiang-yu…

With interwoven relationships, where will this virtual and real game of love ultimately lead to…?

Role profile

  • Ringo Su

    Ringo Su

    Tiny and lovely on the outside, but passionate and impulsive on the inside. Mad about the love mobile game “Military School of Beautiful Boys.” President of the Love Mobile Game Club.

  • Pai Shu-Yen

    Pai Shu-Yen

    Nickname Pai Pai. Best friend and classmate of Ringo. Has a secret crush on Chiang Hsiang-che since junior high school.

  • Yin Hsuan

    Yin Hsuan

    Tall, handsome, but mean, loves to make fun of and irritate Ringo; however, he has a tender side. Older sister is the producer of “Military School of Beautiful Boys.”

  • Chiang Hsiang-che

    Chiang Hsiang-che

    Yin Hsuan's good friend, classmate, and neighbor. Appears calm and collected but is rather self-centered. Has an older brother,Chiang Hsiang-yu, and the two look alike. Likes Yin Hsuan's sister.

  • Wang Tzu-Han

    Wang Tzu-Han

    Classmate and good friend of Yin Hsuanand Chiang Hsiang-che. Has low self-esteem. Ringo's favorite character in the game, John, is based on him.

About the Author

Comic/Hui Ye Dou (灰野都) Writer/apricotpeach (小杏桃)

Artist Hui Ye Dou
Rising star emerged from the First Comic Star training. Popular for refreshing style and interesting stories. Cooperates with apricotpeach for “Manual of Love” and “3D Boys' Love Strategy,” which have all been big hits.

Writer apricotpeach
Cooperated with Artist Hui Ye Dou for the serialization of “Love around the Corner” on Monmon Monthly in 2011 and earned high praises, marking the beginning of their collaboration.

Published novel “Trapped! Naughty Pet Boy” with cover illustrations by renowned comic MAE at the 2018 Comic Exhibition. Special autographed edition was sold out in two days, and immediately reprinted, proving apricotpeach's creative prowess.

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