A Delinquent's Guide to the South Airport Hood (南機場生存指南)

Comics/ H. Chia (笳彧)
Screenwriter/ Ars (阿誓)
Comics script writer/ Seal Hsieh (食夢蟹)
Fisfisa Media (目宿媒體)
The prequel, Coffee Fragrance in the South Airport Hood, will soon be published in Russian
The most capable village representative on earth & the baddest gangster on the street The beginning of an unexpected adventure in the South Airport Hood!


In the South Airport Hood, many senior citizens live alone.

Hsin Ping, who has returned to the hood as a social worker, is determined to support the village representative Fang, who has been working alone to help the elderly. Though many difficulties continue to emerge, the two remain optimistic about their mission and carry on stubbornly...
Kuo Yao Yu is a teenage troublemaker on the street.

As probation, he is sentenced to community service in the South Airport Hood. In order to complete his sentence and leave the hood as soon as possible, he makes a deal with Fang that "he can leave early when all the elderly in the South Airport Hood are satisfied!"

However, little does he know that he will not only change the South Airport Hood, but also himself...

A Delinquent's Guide to the South Airport Hood discusses the social problem of solitary seniors. The story begins with the "meal delivery service for seniors," which the village representative Fang Ho Sheng launched in 2001.

This is a comics collaboration between cartoonist H. Chia, screenwriter A-Shih, and script writer Seamo Hsieh. With humor, it presents the difficulties faced by solitary seniors and social workers. The warm, realistic stories of the characters bring us laughter and tears. At the intersection of social issues and comedic stories lies an invigorating narrative that will linger in readers' hearts.

Role profile

  • Village representative Fang

    Village representative Fang

    Village representative of the South Airport Hood. With a strong sense of justice, he is devoted to helping solitary seniors and underprivileged folks in the neighborhood. The job keeps him extremely busy. He believes that deep down, no one is a villain, so he treats Yao Yu with generosity and kindness, and tries to help him become a better person.

  • Kuo Yao Yu

    Kuo Yao Yu

    Growing up in a dysfunctional family, he was a frequent visitor to the police station and prosecutor's office. People see him as a troublemaker, but he is in fact pleasant, clever, and a favorite of the elders in the neighborhood.
    He was sentenced to community service in the South Airport Hood. In order to quickly complete his hours, he accepts a mission from Mr. Fang to care for the senior citizens.
    On the surface, he looks like a gangster, but he has a pure heart and a secret crush on Hsin Ping.

  • Liang Hsin Ping

    Liang Hsin Ping

    Growing up in the South Airport Hood, she was inspired by and received care from Mr. Fang. Thus, after she becomes a social worker, she decides to return to the South Airport Hood to help out Mr. Fang. A romantic, she is naive and direct; passionate about social work yet not very good at it. Still, after each setback, she only needs a good quiet cry before bouncing back with even more energy.
    She dislikes Yao Yu at first, but develops feelings after seeing the good in him.

  • Uncle Chung

    Uncle Chung

    A senior who lives alone in the South Airport Hood. His children dislike him for drinking heavily after the passing of his wife, but he actually loves his family more than anything. With age, he has developed dementia and started to hoard garbage at home, leading to miserable living conditions. In the end, with help from Yao Yu and others, he takes a first step towards reconciling with his children.

About the Author

Comics/ H. Chia (笳彧)
Screenwriter/ Ars (阿誓)
Comics script writer/ Seal Hsieh (食夢蟹)

H. Chia/ Comics
A sequential artist, she does comics, illustrations, traditional animation, and previsualization. Her style is a crossover between Japanese, American, and European comics. Works include Bygone and Coffee Fragrance in the South Airport Hood. Her work has been shown in the International Comics Festival, BDFIL Comics Festival, International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR, and the Spark Animation Festival.
She currently lives in Bern, Switzerland, where she goes swimming in the river in summer and walking in the snow in winter. Her life is a bit like a farm RPG game, and she publishes new work on Facebook and Instagram every week.

Ars/ Screenwriter
Her legal name is Wu Chia Chia. She works in the film industry, specializing in human-interest stories. Director and writer of the non-profit micro movie about autism On The Way.
Director and writer of a documentary about the winner of the 6th Purple Ribbon Award.
Producer, director, and writer of Taiwan Public Television Service's program about Taiwanese immigrants, Welcome to Taiwan.
Editor of TPTS's program Guess Who, See You at the Market, Dai Ai Television's Light the Lantern, Records of Happy Events, and Beautiful Sounds.
Screenwriter and editor of Coffee Fragrance in the South Airport Hood.

Seamo Hsieh/comics script writer
A full-time comics script writer, he loves horror and rom-com. He has a wife, a kid, a cat, and a bird. When he's at work, he's constantly thinking about vacation; when he's on vacation, he's constantly thinking about work.
Scriptwriter of the webtoons Big City Littel Girls and Human-faced Flower.
Scriptwriter of Mountain of Permanent Nights, Ink Hate, and Bloody Man Blood Contract, serialized on GO Original Comics Base.
Scriptwriter of Seven Day Life, an original comics for the Taiwan Comics Base Residence Project.
Storyboard creator of Good Morning, Want Some Positive Energy?, a CCC collection.
Co-scriptwriter of the 13th Golden Comics Award winner The Free China Junk.

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