OKEN: Childhood Memories of a Taiwanese Poet (OKEN:詩的端倪)

Comics/ Wu Shih Hung (吳識鴻) Original story/ Yang Mu
Fisfisa Media (目宿媒體)
Awarded the Raymond Leblanc Prize in the 2021 Brussels Comics Festival
A comics adaption of a classic essay by one of the greatest Taiwanese poets, Yang Mu!
Attained international acclaim for up-and-coming artist Wu Shih Hung's first venture from the visual arts into comics.


This comics is adapted from the classic literary autobiography, Mountain, Wind, Sea, and Rain, written by one of the greatest Taiwanese poets, Yang Mu. It is a first-person narrative of personal stories and historical events, as seen through the eyes of a child and told from the perspective of an adult. A coming-of-age story, it traces the growth of Yang's love and faculty for artistic creation.

This beautiful and philosophical work is the result of international collaborations: poet Chen Yun Yuan initially acted as literary consultant, while renowned French writer Loo Hui Phang joined as script consultant after it was awarded the Raymond Leblanc Prize in 2021.

Role profile

  • OKEN


    Born Wang Ching Hsien, the protagonist of this story has gone by the nickname OKEN to friends and and family since he was a child. A sensitive and curious individual, he was born in Hualien, Taiwan during unstable times. OKEN lived through many tumultuous events including the Pacific War, political disruptions, major earthquakes, as well as personal upheavals like puberty. All these chaotic experiences have become the catalyst for his passion for artistic creation.

    OKEN grew up to become the renowned Taiwanese poet and writer Yang Mu.

About the Author

Comics/ Wu Shih Hung (吳識鴻) Original story/ Yang Mu

Wu Shih Hung/comics
A visual artist, Wu specializes in Eastern and Western traditional painting and motion graphics. He has participated in the production of many documentaries, anime series, and commercials. His work has been recognized in both domestic and international film festivals. He has two children; OKEN: Childhood Memories of a Taiwanese Poet is his third. He lives a happy family life.

Yang Mu/original prose
Born in 1940, Hualien, Taiwan, Yang lived through the late stages of Japanese rule, the Pacific War, and Taiwan's retrocession. He belongs to the first generation of post-war Taiwanese poets; he is also an essayist, critic, translator, and scholar.

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