How to Survive in the BL World (狗血耽美劇的攻略技巧)

HuaYu (花宥)
Dimensional travel is a story that never gets old! For the first time ever, learn the code of survival in a BL love triangle.


Chi Hai An, a strictly heterosexual bodyguard, knows nothing about gay culture. One day, after work, he turns on the TV to a BL soap opera where the main character, caught in a love triangle between a sweet-tempered male star and an overbearing CEO, shares his exact same name?! He couldn't help but start binge watching the show.

Though the show's plot turns out to be so simple and tropey that Chi Hai An kept rolling his eyes while watching, he still made it to the finale. He watched the final episode while hiding in the restroom during work, and enjoyed the predictably happy ending... But he had no idea that once he leaves the toilet room, he will travel dimensions to the world of the BL TV show?!

Role profile

  • Chi Hai An

    Chi Hai An

    Once a ripped bodyguard,
    after his dimensional travel into the TV show, he becomes a celebrity assistant with zero body strength. He enjoys his front-row view of the drama between the celebrity and the CEO.

  • Chou Ching Hsiang

    Chou Ching Hsiang

    A big star with a sweet personality and a difficult childhood.
    He is agreeable and kind to Hai An, and always helps him out in awkward situations.
    He does not get along with Wei Nan Ting.

  • Wei Nan Ting

    Wei Nan Ting

    An overbearing CEO from a wealthy family.
    The antagonist in the TV show, he hires Hai An as to spy on Ching Hsiang as his assistant. He finds Chou Ching Hsiang irritating for no reason at all.

About the Author

HuaYu (花宥)

A Taiwanese comics artist/illustrator and author of How to Survive in the BL World, serialized as a webtoon on the comics platform CCC and later published in book form by Kadokawa Taiwan Corporation. She rewrites banal tropes to develop unique and funny stories. Readers especially love the delicate figures in her work, portrayed in bright, beautiful colors.