Remember My Face (英容宛在)

Jelly Wei (衛謙里)
Though a mortal being, he has less vitality and life than the dead. As he reluctantly begins living with poltergeists, he learns how to be human.


Whether an accident or a suicide attempt, Tu An fell onto the tracks just as a train was approaching. He survives the incident but starts seeing ghosts all around him. The ghosts follow him home, taking over his space and his body, and even begin intervening in his love life.

Though the ghosts seem happy and energetic, they all died with some regret in life. At first, Tu An is reluctant to help with their dying wishes. But after he gets to know them better, Tu An opens up and becomes more sympathetic to their plight, and offers to help. It seems destiny that Tu An should meet them, and he begins to feel like it is his life's mission to help each of them reach closure. In the process, Tu An also comes to face with personal secrets that he had, because of fear, blocked from memory. He finally admits his own cowardice, and realizes the guilt he harbors due to an incident in the past, when he had failed to save a childhood friend from death. A strange girl who keeps appearing in his thoughts turns out to be his sister, who died saving his life. She turns out to be the same ghost who showed up after his attempted suicide. Her only wish is for Tu An to be happy. Finally, Tu An comes to terms with the past, and his parents also find relief.

Role profile

  • Tu An

    Tu An

    A 20-year-old college student, emotionally distant from his parents, who attempts suicide because of a failed relationship. He is cowardly and easily scared, having once stood by as a classmate in elementary school was bullied. The death of this classmate becomes a shadow in his heart. As a result, he is lazy and purposeless. He finally finds courage and begins living like a human after he meets his ghost friends.

  • A-Mi


    A 13-year-old girl ghost. No one in her family prays for her. She does not know who she is or even her own name. She is young, but a natural caretaker. In fact, she is Tu An's older sister who died from saving him from drowning. She reappears due to Tu An's suicidal ideation, to save Tu An's life again.

  • Dancing Old Dude

    Dancing Old Dude

    An old man who likes to dance, look at young girls, and pose for photos. He seems foolish and unreliable but is actually really wise. In significant moments, he often offers words of wisdom to the gang.

  • A-Pin


    Tu An's neighbor. A police officer who died in duty, he is strong and courageous, but shy. He has a secret crush on the older lady who sells betel nuts. When he finds out that the lady also has feelings for him, he is satisfied and happily goes to heaven.

  • Mai


    A young man who died in a motorcycle racing accident. He likes to act cool and claims that his dying wish is to race again. But when he meets his soon-to-be-born baby, he realizes that his dying wish is actually just to be by his child's side.

  • Nike


    He appears to be a cheerful young man who likes to run, but is in fact a weak, skinny, sick, and bald guy. He does not realize that his dying wish is to face his true self.

  • Fat girl

    Fat girl

    Tu An's elementary school classmate. During a bullying incident, she fell into water and appears to have drowned. Tu An believes that she is dead, but she is in fact a swimming coach.

About the Author

Jelly Wei (衛謙里)

A lover of local Taiwanese culture, discussions of life and death, and BL. Her work is diverse in style and genre. She has been awarded a dramatic comics award from the Executive Yuan, first place in Excellent Comics from the National Acadamy for Educational Research, the Golden Comics Award, Excellent Comics from the National Institution of Compilation and Translation, and Best Story in the anime and comics category in the New Taipei City Script Awards. She represented Taiwan in the 2012 and 2019 International Comic Festivals in Angoulême, France.
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