The 207th bone (二零七之骨)

Lin I Chen (林奕辰)
Creative Comic Collection
Winner of the 2023 Golden Butterfly Award, the 14th Golden Comics Awards for Comic of the Year, and Bronze Prize in the 17th International Manga Awards.
A woman fighting the familial curse of being murdered by the baby she is carrying.


"Chi Tu" is a family name both cursed and blessed. Men from the Chi Tu family impregnate their wives with babies who have an extra bone, called "the bone sword." A mature infant is born by slashing through its mother's abdomen with its bone sword. The mother dies, while child becomes a powerful "bone-holder."

The Chi Tus revere mothers who give birth to a healthy child. They believe that her soul does not perish, but is rewarded by eternal happiness in paradise. Therefore, all Chi Tu women are destined to die before thirty... Can this young woman in the Chi Tu clan escape this deadly legacy?

Role profile

  • Chi Tu Sa Yi

    Chi Tu Sa Yi

    A pure-blood daughter of the Chi Tu family. She is a callous executioner who does not stand for betrayal. She is about to turn 28 and will need to forfeit her life to birth a Chi Tu child.

  • Chi Tu Ha Chih Yeh

    Chi Tu Ha Chih Yeh

    A childhood friend of Sa Yi's. He looks unreliable but is actually very concerned about Sa Yi's future. He hopes to help Sa Yi escape the fate of death in childbirth.

  • Tai Heng Po

    Tai Heng Po

    The chief military doctor in the Pan Lung Empire. To research the secret of bone swords in the Chi Tu family, she pretends to be a princess of the Pan Lung Empire to marry the second son of the Chi Tu King. By the sixth month of her pregnancy, she escapes from the Chi Tu family with her findings and plans to abort the baby from her stomach.

About the Author

Lin I Chen (林奕辰)

A comics artist and illustrator. God of Silvergrass is his first shonen manga. It won The Best Potential Prize in the 3rd Golden Comics Awards, and was shortlisted for the best prototype design and shonen manga in the 7th Golden Comics Award.

In 2022, he published his second comics, The 207th Bone. It won the Golden Butterfly Award in 2023, the 14th Golden Comics Awards for Comic of the Year, and the Bronze Prize in the 17th International Manga Awards.


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