Just A Kid (超齡有什麼關係~)

Comics/ 80 Original story/ Dang
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The courtship between a boyish vampire and a thirty-something woman: deceptive appearances and misunderstandings lead to a hilarious love story!


Lin Chia Ling, a 30-something woman who looks 17, decides to go back to high school for her diploma. She attends night school while working as a maid in a mysterious castle, where a precocious, mischievous little boy keeps asking her to marry him. In reality, he is the old master of the castle -- a vampire who is more than a thousand years old! Both believe the other to be underaged, worrying about the unequal power dynamic of a May December relationship. They constantly misunderstand each other, but through hilarious mix ups, always resolve their conflict. They might even begin to develop true feelings for each other!?

Role profile

  • Lin Chia Ling

    Lin Chia Ling

    A high school student who looks like a teenager but is actually in her thirties. She dropped out of school as a young girl, and is now studying for her high school diploma at a night school. She works as a maid in a vampire castle for a living. She likes young boys in ACG.

  • Barbarz I

    Barbarz I

    He looks like a child, but is actually the patriarch of the vampire family. Due to heartbreak, he fell into a deep coma. When he woke up, his entire family had moved to Taiwan. On this new land, he will embark on a new romantic journey.

  • Barbarz III

    Barbarz III

    A half-vampire, half-human 16 year old high school student. During family conflicts, he always used to rely on his grandfather, but was disillusioned by his grandfather's abandonment. Despite his unwillingness to forgive, he accidently becomes Grandpa's relationship counseller.

About the Author

Comics/ 80 Original story/ Dang

Artist/ 8O
Better known as "Ching Chui." She is an old-timer in the Taiwanese comics community. Her fluent storytelling skills and sense of humor have gained her many fans. Other work includes Mid-July.

Writer/ Dang
Writer and artist for Red Candle Games. She has a lot of practical experience in comic creation. She is the original writer and artist of the comics Ancient Record of Mountains and Seas, the interactive preview of Red Candle Game's new release "Nine Sols."

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