Sweet or Sour (沒有那麼甜)

Creative Comic Collection
The first ever comicalization of the hyper popular Instagram romance series about the sweet and sour days of a blushing girl and a teasing boy!


Due to an incident back in junior high, Chiang Yu tends to stay away from the opposite sex. In the lottery for new seats at the beginning of the school year, Chiang Yu drew a seat next to the most popular student in the class, Lo Yi-Ssu. During breaks, Yi-Ssu is always surrounded by boys. This made Chiang Yu extremely nervous. But, as if Yi-Ssu could sense her fear, he shooed all the boys away this time. /During an exam, Chiang Yu ran out of correction tape. Before she had decided what to do, Yi-Ssu handed his correction tape to her, while whispering (or so she thought), "Pay me back with two kisses..." /Ever since this misunderstanding, the two slowly got to know each other. Thereafter, because of her friendship with Yi-Ssu, Chiang Yu slowly overcame her fear of talking to boys. She also began to realize that Yi-Ssu has become irreplaceable in her life......

Role profile

  • Chiang Yu

    Chiang Yu

    An introverted and kind girl who rarely talks to boys, and blushes whenever she's nervous. She comes from a single parent family and shares a great relationship with her mom.

  • Lo Yi-Ssu

    Lo Yi-Ssu

    A good-looking boy with a great personality, and popular among his classmates. He likes to tease Chiang Yu because he is amused by her frequent blushes. He enjoys playing basketball.

  • Lin Ai-Hsiao

    Lin Ai-Hsiao

    Chiang Yu's friend and an optimistic person. Because of her family's financial situation, she works part-time as a influencer model. She has a crush on Chou Chun, with whom she grew up.

  • Chou Chun

    Chou Chun

    He has known Ai-Hsiao shince they were in elementery school. He is a straight A student, with a calm temperament, from a family of doctors. He is gay. While he cares for Ai-Hsiao, he is not able to love her the same way she loves him.

About the Author


A popular creator on Instagram. Active on social media and in fan events featuring characters from their original romance series. After they graduated from university, they started their first comics series Sweet and Sour.

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