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Ranked number one in views, profits, donations, and comments on the comics platform CCC in 2023. Will be published in book form (traditional Chinese) in 2024
A swordsman with facial paralysis vs. a fairy sorceress -- At the dangerous crossroads between video games and real life, Lu Ssu Chi, a high school student who is the victim of bullying, encounters Shih Liu, a serial murderer.


In the game, he is the most powerful player, while in reality, he lives the life of an apathetic high school student -- everyday, Lu Ssu Chi is consumed by existential questions.

In the game, he is a vulnerable female player, while in reality, he considers himself a clever predator -- Shih Liu sits behind his screen, constantly looking for his next target.

After the latest update of the game "Daydream Online," rare items were added to its mid-level side quest "Deville Maze," drawing many players to the challenge. Two players, 647, who wants to give the side quest a try, and Sixteen_16, who is looking for prey, meet at the start of the quest.
Even within the game, Lu Ssu Chi keeps to himself. However, he does accept Shih Liu's invitation to play together. Under the pretense of a gift, Shih uses a tracking device to find out where Lu lives. He observes Lu's lonely life as a bully victim. One day, at an offline event together, Shih spikes Lu's drink. Yet, even as Shih is about to kill him, Lu shows no attempt to resist.

Seeing that Lu does not even care about his own life, Shih loses interest in killing him. The two begin a peculiar arrangement as roommates. As Shih awaits the rekindling of his desire to kill, he finds himself taking care of the oft-injured Lu. And, while Lu awaits Shih's act of murder, the two continue to play the game together every evening. For the time being, it seems their relationship will continue like this indefinitely......

Role profile

  • Shih Liu

    Shih Liu

    A serial killer, he takes pleasure in commiting crimes and watching people beg for their lives. He searches for victims in the video game "Daydream Online." His character in the game is the fairy sorceress "Sixteen_16."

  • Lu Ssu Chi

    Lu Ssu Chi

    A lonely highschooler, he's been bullied for a long time. He is often covered in cuts and bruises, but does not seem to care. His character in the video game "Daydream Online" is the level 97 swordsman, "647."

About the Author


An up-and-coming Taiwanese content creator. In 2022, she won second place in the original webcomics/script writing contest on LINE WEBTOON for Love Tarot Reading Said -- ?. Her full color illustrations were selected for the art collection "ARTISTS IN TAIWAN 2022," published by Pivix. She started publishing 16647 on comics platform CCC in 2023. This is the first time her popular BL content on social media has been published as webtoon.
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