Smooth Saturday (星期六的情話)

MixFlavor (綜合口味)
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The blog serialization of this delightful comics has over 13 million views! Each installation is eagerly awaited by 370,000 fans every Saturday.
Nothing is stronger than love and humor.
A stunning comics that can, in a single sentence, combine romance with laughter!


Perfectly demonstrates how to display love for your partner in simple words, with the bonus of making everyone around you both jealous and amused!

With or without a lover, make sure to be happy everyday!

Role profile

  • Ta Hsuan & Hsiao Mei

    Ta Hsuan & Hsiao Mei


About the Author

MixFlavor (綜合口味)

The pseudonym for Hsiao Mei and Ta Hsuan, A couple of writers who tied the knot after ten years together.

They make comics, animation, emojis, illustrations, stories, etc, about the ups and downs of life, in a cute and therapeutic style.

Their work includes Mix Flavor of Kokoko, Smooth Saturday and Join The Millitary! Magical Girl.

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