Stay By My Side (vbl免疫屏蔽)

Red Herring Studio (紅鯡魚工作室)
A crossover work between TV, fiction, and comics, incorporating CDRS technology in its making!
A youthful BL romance involving matchmaker ghosts!


One day, rising basketball star and young temple master Pu Hsia's peaceful life in the dorms is disrupted by the arrival of Chiang Chih, heir to a rich family of doctors. Unexpectedly, alongside the destruction of Pu Hsia's blissful little world, something else is destroyed: his preternatural sense of the supernatural dimension.

Sweet dreams and bad dreams seem to come hand in hand... Each time Pu Hsia comes into contact with Chiang Chih, the ghosts around him disappear. Pu Hsia relentlessly works to bring the two closer and closer... Does he really see Chiang Chih as just an amulet, or could they become partners in learning about love?

*Adapted from the TV series "Stay By My Side"

Role profile

  • Ku Pu Hsia

    Ku Pu Hsia

    A supernaturally gifted descendant of a temple. After his sister mistakenly breaks the seal on his third eye, he is constantly bothered by supernatural beings around him.

  • Chiang Chih

    Chiang Chih

    The heir to a wealthy family of doctors who chooses to be financially independent. He has the curious ability to break the connection between Pu Hsia and the supernatural world.

About the Author

Red Herring Studio (紅鯡魚工作室)

A comics team established in 2020. Dedicated to adapting original stories from Taiwan into comics, they continue to develop comics technology, working towards the goal of being known as a phenomenally creative comics team.
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