That City (那城THAT CITY)

Justin Wong (黃照達)
Locus Publishing Company
Golden Butterfly Award -- Bronze Prize
These 52 thought-provoking political comics are created by Justin Huang, former comics artist for the supplementary pages of Hong Kong's Ming Pao. Dedicated to that lost city, they pair experimental poetry with graphic art design.


That City was a political comics series published by Hongkongese comics artist Justin Wong in a special column published in Ming Pao's supplementary pages Sunday Ming Pao from 2020 to 2021. Originally titled This City, it criticized the events of Hong Kong at the time. Later, the Hong Kong national security law was passed, which considered comics to be more seditious than writing. The column was therefore renamed That City. In 2021, due to citizen reports to the police about his work, Wong left Hong Kong for London in an emergency trip. This comics series turned out to be his farewell work to Hong Kong. /The book That City collects all 52 of the comics published during serialization. It centers on Hong Kong's political environment, civic awareness, and social trends in recent times. The book expresses mourning for the lost Hong Kong in people's hearts, denunciation of the omnipresent state surveillance, forewarnings directed towards those uncaring, and warmth for local Hongkongers. /Wong's style, influenced by American comics artist Chris Ware, is distinctive in its assemblage of panels following the principles of graphic design and geometric ordering. Although the themes are political, the tone is not harsh or judgmental. Instead, through abstract, simple, allegorical imagery, fun and experimental visual compositions, and poetic, philosophical, and humorous text, Wong's work creates space for readers' reflection about heavy issues. These poignant comics tell the unseen yet powerful courage of the people of Hong Kong, their secret struggles, and silent protests.

About the Author

Justin Wong (黃照達)

Born in 1974, Justin Wong is a Hongkongese comics and media artist. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and later proceeded to study Art and Interactive Digital Media in Hong Kong and London. After he completed his degrees, he began to explore the possibilities of traditional art forms in the digital era. He has taught in the schools of creative media of the City University of Hong Kong and the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. In 2021, he moved to the UK. /Wong works in comics, illustration, graphic design, animation, and interactive installation. His style is abstract, simple, and visually powerful in design, aiming to provide readers with space for reflection. His main themes are political and social issues. His political comics column, Chit Chat Blocks, began serializing in Ming Pao in 2007, and the serialisaition of That City (originally titled This City) began in Ming Pao's supplementary pages Sunday Ming Pao in 2020. /Wong's works include LONELY PLANET 1-2, HELLO WORLD, Homemade Hong Kong (Collection), Taipei 80 & Hong Kong 90: Comics of the Two Cities (Collection), and That City. /Instagram:@ little_pink_man

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