Light a rose candle for the sleepless night (為失眠的夜點上玫瑰香氛 )

Daisuke (大介)
Cop vs. mad thief: a dazzling police drama set in Japan!


The hard-working, trustworthy patrol officer, Osanai Ayato, has been struggling with insomnia due to a series of tricky theft cases. Following his sergeant Awaji's recommendation, Osanai visits a hypnotism clinic for help. Although he does not care for the glib attitude of the therapist, Henderson, he is finally able to fall asleep under hypnotism. So, he begins coming to the clinic regularly.

However, the rose perfume emanating from Henderson somehow brings up memories of his standoff with the mad thief......

Role profile

  • Osanai Ayato (24y/ Patrol officer/ Top)

    Osanai Ayato (24y/ Patrol officer/ Top)

    A normal guy who cannot control his cynicism. Although he rarely smiles, he is a nice person. He is serious about his work. He has some old injuries, and suffers from a sleep disorder for various reasons.

  • Henderson (29y/ Hypnotist and thief/ Bottom)

    Henderson (29y/ Hypnotist and thief/ Bottom)

    A narcissist who says weird things. He loves anything that is beautiful, and often smells like roses.

About the Author

Daisuke (大介)

This is popular illustrator D's first for-sale comics. The mysterious story, set in a modern city, includes a mad thief. With dazzling colors and flashy panels, this work is a spendid visual banquet. Due to a series of mysterious thefts, two individuals who have nothing in common find their fates linked together and gradually learn what their hearts truly desire.
為失眠的夜點上玫瑰香氛 © 大介/長鴻出版社