My Honey My Hero (MH★MH-美式獨佔)

MORIKU (墨里可)
Sharp Point Publishing
Serialized on the online comics platform "Comic Star," this popular work has been viewed over 490,000 times!
"I love Taiwan because it's the country that raised you." This is a cross cultural romance between a peppy yet manipulative foreign teacher, and a cool yet naive problem student!


As a high schooler rascal who's always playing hooky, failing schoolwork, and getting in fights, Su Li-Ren has no interest in anything except the superheros from Hollywood movies. One day when he skips school, he runs into Peter Smith, a foreign teacher who looks exactly like Captain America. Before he knew it, a strong sense of attraction led him to begin learning English. Despite the language barrier, Peter's warm care for Li-Ren led the latter to begin developing feelings. Before he has figured out what these feelings mean, Peter suddenly kisses him--!?

Role profile

  • Su Li-Ren (17 years old)

    Su Li-Ren (17 years old)

    A high schooler who is failing school. He has dark hair and cold eyes, and seems uninterested in everything. His only passion is the superheros from the American movies that he's been a fan of since childhood. He is a secret fan of Captain America.

  • Peter Smith (26 years old)

    Peter Smith (26 years old)

    An American with a love for travel, he is now in Taiwan. He teaches at an English speech cram school. He shares a striking resemblance with the film character Captain America, and enjoys working out. While he appears to be a warm and mellow person, deep down he is actually quite manipulative. He likes Asian culture and cute boys with dark hair.

About the Author

MORIKU (墨里可)

The author is a newcomer comics artist who has won several original work awards such as the First Prize for the Second Frontier Original Flash Fiction Awards Comics Section, the Golden Prize for CWT-T13 Original Drawing Contest, and the Silver Prize for CWT-13 Original Drawing Contest. Her works, The Puzzle House and My Honey My Hero, are popular with readers. She continues to attend fan fairs under the name of the fan art club "Huai Shaoyeh."

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