JIANG-SHAN in Ink Painting (點墨山河)

Selena Lin (林青慧)
Sharp Point Publishing
A celebrated period piece and shojo manga original to Taiwan: an exquisite masterpiece from Taiwan's Queen of comics -- Selena Lin.


When the late dynasty collapsed, the then infant prince and the princess were hidden away among servants by an old attendant. While hidden, little Princess Ching Yi developed a love for visiting Su Tien Tai. There, she studied astrology and astronomy with a master, showing particular talent for the former.

Unfortunately, her secret was discovered by the new Queen. To save Ching Yi's life, the attendant removes her from the palace and promises to never reveal her identity. Ching Yi therefore grows up as a peasant boy...

More than ten years later, while investigating the assassination of Lord CH, Ching Yi, now known as Tsu Hsi, and Prince Pai Chen, heir apparent to the throne, meet again, this time outside the palace walls. Although they do not recognize one another, they feel an odd attraction.

Tsu Hsi is once again summoned to the palace by the Queen to assist Prince Pai Ching, second in the line of succession. The Queen appoints Tsu Hsi as a female officer in Su Tien Tai, giving her the opportunity to explore her talent for astrology. She later becomes the foremost national master of Feng Shui. As a princess from the late dynasty, she not only becomes involved in the struggle for the throne, but also feels torn between the two princes. Later, Pai Ching is defeated, and Pai Chen ascends to emperor. Ching Yi reverts to her original name and becomes the young Queen. Yet, with the sudden reappearance of her lost brother, she becomes conflicted over where her loyalty falls.......

Role profile

  • Mu Ching Yi aka Lin Tsu Hsi

    Mu Ching Yi aka Lin Tsu Hsi

    The female protagonist. As princess of the late dynasty, in order to survive, she changes her name to Tsu Hsi and lives in the mountains, pretending to be a boy.

  • Pai Chen

    Pai Chen

    The male protagonist. Heir apparent of the new dynasty. He later becomes emperor.

  • Mu Hung

    Mu Hung

    Older brother of Ching Yi. As prince of the late dynasty, he is the sole survivor of the royal bloodline and as a child, was put under house arrest by the new Queen.

  • Pai Ching

    Pai Ching

    Younger brother of Pai Chen. Son of the new Queen and second in line to the throne. He views Pai Chen as a rival.

About the Author

Selena Lin (林青慧)

Now in the 25th year of her career, she is widely known as Taiwan's Queen of comics. With a cute and charming artistic style, she tells heartfelt stories. Her period drama comics are particularly well-received! She has represented Taiwan in the Chambery Comics Convention in France. She has published more than 10 works of comics, as well as picture books and comics manuals. Not only does she have a wide readership in Taiwan, many of her comics, picture books, and tarot cards have been released overseas in countries including Germany, France, South Korea, and China.
點墨山河 © 林青慧/尖端出版All rights reserved.