The Funeral Concerto (送葬協奏曲)

Rimui Yumin(韋蘺若明)
Gaea Books
Gold Award winner, Japan International Manga Award 2020
Recommended by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture as one of the Excellent Extracurricular Reading Materials for Students of Elementary and Junior High Schools in 2021
Sharing a similar theme to the Japanese film Departures, The Funeral Concerto tells the story of Lin Chu-sheng, who gives up studying at a top university and runs away from home to pursue her dream. She becomes a funeral director to earn a living. And after sending off one stranger after another, the stories of the deceased help her find her way in life and make her realize the right to pursue one's dream is exclusive to the living.


A university dropout called Lin Chu-sheng runs away from home to pursue her dream despite her parents' disapproval. She plans to look for an easy job to get by but ends up working for a funeral company. She wants to quit on her first day of work, but her pride makes her put on a brave face and keep going. Soon she realizes her problems are still solvable, compared with the things made definitive by death. The overwhelming impact of death leads her to give up her willfulness and face her problems again.

Out of all the inexplicable things in life, relationships, especially ones with our family, are the trickiest. The Funeral Concerto depicts such relationships realistically: a man burdened with high expectations from his father lives and dies alone, a sick child postpones her wish to depart this life for her mother, a cenotaph is prepared for a body still not found, and the fight for inheritance among members of a large family, which we all hear about so often.

How exactly should we spend the last stage of our lives?

For this affecting graphic novel, comic artist Rimui visited funeral companies and conducted rigorous research on traditional Taiwanese funerary practices. She integrates the daily work of funeral directors with moving stories of various characters before they or their family breathe their last breath. Through the perspectives of funeral directors, she ingeniously explores, in a workplace story, subjects such as humanity, relationships, regrets, and reconciliations. The variety of stories unfolding around the protagonist, Lin Chu-sheng, make The Funeral Concerto ideal for a movie or drama series adaptation.

Role profile

  • Lin Chu-sheng

    Lin Chu-sheng

    A 21-years-old dropout from a prestigious university. She runs away from home and ends up working for a funeral company. She is upright and naive. The impact of working as a funeral director makes her reflect on how she deals with things in her life.

  • Chang Yang-ching

    Chang Yang-ching

    A 33-years-old man who has given up on his dream and inherited his family's small funeral company. He is mild-tempered and staid. He independently takes care of his chronically ill father, who is becoming weary of living.

  • Kao Chih-san

    Kao Chih-san

    A 26-years-old senior funeral director who works for Yang-ching to repay his kindness. He likes to frolic and scare rookies, but he is a hard-working and reliable coworker.

About the Author

Rimui Yumin(韋蘺若明)

Rimuiis an Atayal from Taoyuan City. She is a full-time comic artist who prefers professional stories. When she was in elementary school, she tried to be a voice actress for animation but was turned down because of her young age. She was then determined to become a comic artist by the time she'd be in high school. It took her ten more years to accomplish that dream. Her published works include A Harmonious Family, The Funeral Concerto, CATzzz Cat Society, and her first graphic novel series on paper consisting of Where are You Going? – Fetters of Memory and Where are You Going? – Farewell My Love.

She likes human-interest stories that describe everyday lives and is easily moved to tears. She wants to keep drawing comics, even if she remains a little-known artist. Her greatest aspiration is to create works that salvage the soul.

2021 – Recommended by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture as one of the Excellent Extracurricular Reading Materials for Students of Elementary and Junior High Schools
2020 – Gold Award, Japan International Manga Award
2012 – Nominated for Best Newcomer, Golden Comic Awards
2012 – Grand Prize, asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest, Japan
《送葬協奏曲》© 韋蘺若明/蓋亞文化