Betel Nut Beauty (檳榔美少女)

Lucas Paixão (盧卡斯)
Yuan-Liou Publishing
Comico Original Comic Contest Potential Award.
The \"excessively beautiful\" work of Brazilian cartoonist Lucas, who is more Taiwanese than Taiwanese.


--In real life--
║Lucas Paixão flew across the world to an island on the other end of the earth.║

Born and raised in Brazil, Lucas fell in love with the Taiwanese pop group SHE by coincidence when he was 12. He then fell in love with the Chinese language, Taiwanese TV drama, and Mandarin pop music. At the age of 24, he was accepted into the Fine Arts School of Taipei University of the Arts. His wish came true, and he came to Taiwan, far away from Brazil, where he began to realize his dream of becoming a cartoonist.

——In the comic——
║ Lucio Santos, a rising star of Brazilian football, meets a beautiful betel nut girl from Taiwan║

\"Betel Nut Beauty\" is Lucas's first comic series. The protagonist, Lucio Santos, is a rising star of Brazilian football. A chance opportunity sent him flying thousands of miles to Taiwan, an island half a world away. He meets Hsiaoyeh, a young girl who sells betel nut and cigarettes, known as a “betel nut beauty” in Taiwan. The moment he sees her, it is as though the world around him stops and goes quiet, and the stars in the sky are falling like diamonds. Lucio and Hsiaoyeh then embark on a passionate youth adventure.

║A work about love, faith, adventure, and courage║

║Passionate and authentic Taiwanese flavor meet gorgeous and sexy Samba style║

In \"Betel Nut Beauty\", you can see Lucas's curious observation of the local Taiwanese culture, his love for animation subculture, and his attention to social issues such as transgender, campus bullying, single-parent families, urban renewal, etc. He has a distinct perspective which sets him apart from local Taiwanese artists. Taiwan's unique characteristics of diversity, tolerance, and resilience are vividly portrayed in the images he created.

The storyline of \"Betel Nut Beauty\" is humorous and poignant. Full of passion and marked by exquisite and detailed style and tones, just like the familiar Brazilian carnival and football style: romantic, unruly, gorgeous, and full of imagination.

Role profile

  • Lucio Santos

    Lucio Santos

    A rising star in Brazilian football, Lucio is the center of attention, and expectations of him are high. Besides training, his life is filled with media interviews, commercial shoots, and fan meetings. He even missed his last chance to see a beloved person of his.

    Heartbroken and despondent, Lucio decides to disappear in front of countless fans and spectators on the opening day of the World Cup. He flies across the world to Taiwan, a faraway island, and meets a girl who makes his world stop and turns quiet. It is as though the stars are falling like diamonds...

  • Pao Hiaoyeh

    Pao Hiaoyeh

    A betel nut beauty and a genuine and sincere girl. Hsiaoyeh was born in a single-parent family like Lucio. Her mother raised her by selling betel nuts. When her mother passed away, she was proud to be able to support herself, and she continues to safeguard the \"Dust Avenue\" her mother left behind. She takes care of other betel nut girls and neighbors, who are often discriminated against. They support each other.

    When she meets Lucio, and when their land is acquired by a conglomerate, she begins to think about her value and future.

  • Brother Mao

    Brother Mao

    Owner of a stinky tofu stall, a handsome man with a kind and innocent heart.

About the Author

Lucas Paixão (盧卡斯)

Born in Salvador, Brazil in 1990, Lucas graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Universidade Salvador (Laureate International Universities). He worked as a graphic designer in Salvador and Rio.

Lucas came to Taiwan in 2014 to study at the School of Fine Arts of National Taipei University of the Arts. He completed his thesis titled The Body Narrative & Comic Pluralism and received his master's degree in 2018.

His published comic works include Betel Nut Beauty, Picasso's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, CURTA! Short Comics by Lucas, A Lifetime of Seven Days, The hero behind the hero, Orange Boy, etc.

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