Devil and Warrior (魔王與終焉雪)

Writer/Hikokimi's(拆野拆替)  Comic/ Tzu Weijan(紫未染)
When the wayward devil king saves the innocent and pure young warrior, their fate is about to become intertwined…


The devil king always thought the first snow was just like dandruff.

He never knew its beauty,

until the day he meets a child with a pair of wings hanging on a tree like a dying chick.

For the first time, the emotionless demon feels something other than destructive feelings.

The two are destined to be entangled in their fate and discover each other in the first snow.

The brief, gentle encounter will also forever change the fate of both of them and the world...

Role profile

  • Wall Iliad

    Wall Iliad

    A warrior who hides in the guild town. He and Treite become travel companions. He is gentle and easy-going, yet somewhat gloomy.

  • Treite von Ceylon

    Treite von Ceylon

    The devil king who travels around the world. He takes an interest in the warrior and tries to get to know him. He has no awareness of human emotions, but he often centers his action around Wall on their journey.

  • Leita


    The guardian elf of the sword of the warrior. She accompanies Wall like a sister and is often annoyed by Trete's ridicule.

About the Author

Writer/Hikokimi's(拆野拆替)  Comic/ Tzu Weijan(紫未染)

The author Hikokimi's is known for his ability to construct a giant and systematic world based on well-known fairy tales to tell fantasy adventure fairy tales for grownups. His writing style reveals the cruel reality underneath the sugarcoated fantasy world. An ordinary person, the only things that stand out about him is his passion for creation and a puzzling pen name.

Cartoonist: Tzu Weijan (Purple Undied)
I am a nerd. Besides being a nerd, I guess I'm also old. XD

I enjoy painting, calligraphy, collecting minerals, and eating soil.

Facebook page: PSB1651