OT Diary (OT相談室)

Slowork Publishing
A comic about how to live an oddly beautiful life when facing disability. This collection of short stories by an occupational therapist guides us in redefining our “well-being”.


Elainee has been an occupational therapist for more than a year and is treating a half-paralyzed man named Zhang Da. Her task is to help Zhang Da maintain balance in his life. To Elainee’s surprise, Zhang Da deals with his condition humorously in contrast to her wary approach. Zhang Da finds a way to control his body after an active bout of rehabilitation. With her wild imagination, Elainee pictures him as someone piloting a robot from within to confidently march onward.

In addition to successful cases like Zhang Da, the book recounts other stories that made Elainee feel anywhere between helpless and hopeful. Her monologue reveals the inner conflicts between the healthcare system and what she learned in school, as well as the regret Elainee feels when witnessing how a foreign caretaker takes better care of her father than she can. Elainee’s wild and childlike fantasy comics challenge our conceptions of medical science and help us define our own \"well-being\". The book is not only her work diary, but a guidebook for everyone facing disability.

Role profile

  • Elainee


    An occupational therapist who is sensitive and enjoys fantasies but unable to solve her own issues. Recently graduated, she is experiencing the cruel reality of the gap between the workplace and education.

About the Author


Illustrator, cartoonist, and artist. Holding a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, she practiced in hospitals and clinics for more than five years. Elainee received a master’s degree in printmaking from the Royal College of Art in London in 2017, and also resided in Angoulême, France for three months. She has independently published many personal works and is one of the founders of the independent comic magazine Bo_ing.

《OT相談室》© Elainee 藍尼/慢工文化