Writer/Sung Hsin-yi(宋欣穎) Comic/Lo He(羅荷)
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Winner of Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
Winner of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival
Winner of Ottawa International Animation Festival
Following on the international success of animated film On Happiness Road, writer and director Sung Hsin-yin teamed up with cartoonist Lo He to create this graphic novel prequel about everyday life during Sung's childhood in 1980's Taiwan.


Taiwan in the 1980's is gradually opening up after decades of authoritarian rule. An atmosphere of hope permeates the country as manufacturing and small and medium-sized businesses flourish, and big ideas like freedom and democracy become mainstream.

Though elementary school student Lin Shu-chi is growing up on a Taipei street called Happiness Road, she doesn't consider herself particularly happy. The Barbie doll she received on her birthday is nothing like she imagined, the goose she raised on her own was almost cooked and eaten by her family, and she stumbled during her school dance performance, ruining her dreams of becoming a star. In fact, her troubles are so many they seem beyond counting. Yet, precisely because of these everyday struggles, her childhood is transformed into a stream of touching memories that will last a lifetime.

In these two volumes of six stories each, readers will make the acquaintance of a variety of vivid characters: Lin Shu-chi's magical grandmother, who remembers the old ways of the Amis aboriginal group, a local mixed-race girl with natural curls, a boy who is forced to leave school to learn to become the caretaker of a temple....

The stories gain an additional layer of depth from background details that conjure atmosphere of the era as well as its controversies, from racial discrimination to political power struggles. Simple line drawings by artist Lo He imbue the story with childlike warmth and energy, perfectly matching the tone of writer Sung Hsin-yi's work. Readers will be transported straight to Happiness Road, where they can experience everyday tragedies and wonders side-by-side with strong-willed, bumbling, and eternally day-dreaming Lin Shu-chi.

About the Author

Writer/Sung Hsin-yi(宋欣穎) Comic/Lo He(羅荷)

Sung Hsin-yi
A former entertainment columnist, screenwriter and director Sung Hsin-yi has produced a diverse body of work in film and television ranging from drama to animation to documentary film. She is known for stories with roots in Taiwanese culture that have the power to move international audiences. Her film On Happiness Road was recipient of the best cartoon and audience choice awards at the Taipei Film Festival, best animated feature award at the Golden Horse Film Festival, and various other awards at the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Tokyo Anime Awards, and the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

Lo He
Cartoonist and 2D animator Lo He toured the international festival circuit with her first animated work, Remember Me for a Day. Her short comic “The Gift” received special commendation at the Tottori International Comic Art Contest. Her works include the animated music video “Rabbit Hole” and the “Wishing Pool” mini-comic.

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