Beast of Clouds: A Guardian from Ancient Times (雲之獸:來自遠古的守護者)

Hambuck (漢寶包)
Gaea Books
Recommended by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture as one of the Excellent Extracurricular Reading Materials for Students of Elementary and Junior High Schools in 2021.
Winner of Golden Comic Awards, 2021
This fantastic adventure of the Formosan clouded leopard sees the king of the forest become the guardian of a museum. Full of primitive charm and touching on subjects including natural history and museology, it is an astonishing graphic novel where you can almost feel the warmth of soil and breathe the mountain air.


Hailing from the mountains and blessed by an indigenous priestess, the legendary Formosan clouded leopards embark on a journey across time and space as they relocate from the forest to a museum.

A beautiful island situated at the eastern edge of Eurasia and the center of East and Southeast Asia island arcs is home to generations of Formosan clouded leopards. From fighting with other wild animals in ancient times to coexisting with humans, they witness the change of time. A surprising turn of events comes about when Little One, a clouded leopard, is unluckily caught by humans and consequently meets Muni, a priestess who can foresee the future. After seeing the horrible scenes of forthcoming battles and future extinction of clouded leopards from the mountains, Muni exerts herself to bestow the ancient blessings of the mountains and forests upon Little One, who then passes them on to his offspring. The clouded leopards in the mountains are thus endowed with magic power.

When Mr. Clouded Leopard, the last ever Formosan clouded leopard, passes away, his spirit follows his body, now a specimen, to one of the most historic and prestigious museums on the island. Brimming with curiosity, he becomes the invisible guardian of the museum who expels evil spirits. At the end of the story, Mr. Clouded Leopard befriends a specimen archivist called Yi-jouthough they belong to different species and different dimensions. After a dramatic change takes place in Yi-jou's life, Mr. Clouded Leopard awakens the remaining memories of the museum collection and brings the specimens to life. Led by Mr. Clouded Leopard, they spend an amazing night with Yi-jou, who is gifted with the ability to see the animal spirits.

Comic artist Hambuck skillfully outlined a fictional story with the Formosan clouded leopards and indigenous priestess Muni appearing throughout the chapters. He delicately portrayed the affection between animals and humans as well as the valuable passing-on of heritage. Full of primitive charm, this fantastic adventure where the king of the forest becomes the guardian of a museum connects the past to the future. Under the supervision of the National Taiwan Museum and created by Golden Comic Awards-winner Hambuck, Beast of Clouds: A Guardian from Ancient Times illustrates the way of life of this wild animal ingeniously and poetically.

Role profile

  • Mr. Clouded Leopard

    Mr. Clouded Leopard

    The last Formosan clouded leopard in the mountains. He inherited the magic power bestowed by priestess Muni from his ancestors. After his body dies, his spirit becomes the guardian of a prestigious museum, where he awakens the remaining memories of the museum collection and expels evil spirits.

  • Muni


    An indigenous priestess possessing the ability to foresee the future. She has a long history with clouded leopards and makes the species endowed with magic power.

  • Shen Yi-jou

    Shen Yi-jou

    A specimen archivist working in the museum. She is the only person there who can see Mr. Clouded Leopard, with whom she becomes good friends.

About the Author

Hambuck (漢寶包)

Hambuck is a comic artist from Taipei. Despite being a free spirit, he can't fight his desire to create comics. He showcased his works at the Taiwan Pavilion at Angouleme International Comics Festival 2016. He won Best Cross-media Application at Taiwan's Golden Comic Awards in 2018.

His publications include Dragon Swordsman vs. The Mystery Man (translated into Japanese and Thai editions), Alice in Mechaland (translated into French and Russian editions), and Beast of Clouds: A Guardian from Ancient Times (published in 2020).

《雲之獸:來自遠古的守護者》© 漢寶包/蓋亞文化