3 Seconds after Our Eyes Met (視線交會的三秒後)

After our eyes met, something has also changed between us…

Regardless of how embarrassing, only those eyes will never move away from me…


“Never…look at him in the eyes for over three seconds.”

Always smiling, friendly, and kind, there is another side of Yeh He-chan, Director of Social Activities of the student council, people do not know of.

One day, when he is letting off steam alone in the office, a lower classmate Gu Shun-wenbumps in.

He-chanfears that Shun-wenwill expose his true personality, so he starts to befriend him.

However, whenever he looks at Shun-wen in the eyes, he feels naked and exposed in front of him—setting off ripples across the originally calm and quiet school life…

Role profile

  • Ye He-chan

    Ye He-chan

    Always pretending to be kind, reliable, and always smiling, he never even shows his anger in front of others. A hard-working two-facedwho cares a lot about his image.

  • Gu Shun-wen

    Gu Shun-wen

    Loves to observe the people and things around him, and therefore is very sensitive. Although he is very observant, he is also quite self-centered; he has a poker face, and no one knows what he is thinking.

About the Author


Gold Prize-winner in the BL category at the Second Ever Glory Original Comic Competition. Rancha is known for delicate storytelling; through presenting the emotions of characters, Rancha pushes forward the story and gives it richer layers. Rancha is one of the most popular BL comic artists at the moment.