Together Till the End of the World (世界末日也要和你在一起)

Two Top Awards at the 2020 Kyoto International Manga Anime Award
Taiwan's new style of BL comedy
Moe till the end of the world! The world falters overnight—when there remain only an almighty waiter and a fragile rich boy, what will their future hold?


An apocalyptic story of survival and love of two Adams—Nuo-wan has a huge fight with his girlfriend at a hotel, and after he drops some mean words and leaves…the world ends?! After he wakes up, only a waiter, Sen-yu, remains by his side. Although Sen-yu has maximum power level, he always ends an argument with a kiss!? Is he the hero in an apocalyptic world or (simply) a kiss maniac? Can they really find safety and survive? Through humorous storytelling, Gene presents an apocalyptic story of love and survival between two very different people!

Role profile

  • Chien No-Wan

    Chien No-Wan

    Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Chien No-wan often comes out on the wrong side of the game of love. He may look stern and proud, but is really fragile inside. Chien loves to kiss and needs a sense of security. He has 0 survival skills, 100 pretense, and 0 common sense.

  • Su Sen-Yu

    Su Sen-Yu

    A waiter at the hotel where No-wan's girlfriend dumps him. Easily irritated, and can never hold a job for too long. As a result, he is very resourceful and has maximum survival skills.

About the Author


A comic artist/illustrator who was born and raised in Tainan, Taiwan. Bronze Prize-winner in the BL category at the First Ever Glory Original Comic Competition. An active figure in various doujin communities. Gene's works come in diverse styles, and loves to add a touch of humor to stories, making serious works more interesting and fun. Work “Wanted Magic Girl!” was selected to the 10th Golden Comic Best New Artist Award in 2019. Gene has won two top prizes at the 2020 Kyoto International Manga Anime Award.